Friday, April 3, 2009

It's almost the weekend...

It's almost the weekend, things are winding down here at work and I'm planning what I'm going to be doing. On the top of the list is finishing up some pictures from a 50th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and taking some more pictures this weekend. It's for a sip and see which is a fancy way of saying, come have some cake and tea and look at my pretty baby. Kind of a baby shower without the presents. :) It's for a family friend's grandchild as well as all the new babies we've had in the church. Some of them are just old enough to be going out in public and this will be a great way for family and friends to get to see them without having to travel all over the place. Plus Miss Libby D makes the best appetizers around.

There will also be lots of working on pictures and display for my booth two weeks from now at the cotton district festival. Gotta buckle down the next two weeks and really get some stuff done on that. Lots of printing and matting and jewelry making to still be done. I don't want to go overboard, but I want to have a good sampling of what my work is.

And hopefully I can finish a dress I started two weeks ago. It's my first one in ages and I think it's going to look really good on me. I hope. *crosses fingers*

I also hope to whittle out some time for the ponies. They need rode and I need some time with them too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week.

Happy weekend my lovelies!

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

I;ve never heard of a 'sip and see', but it sounds like a much better thing to have than a baby shower - when i think baby shower i think of being stressed out with everything having to be perfect, but a sip and see sounds much more relaxing. Have fun :)