Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Greenville Arts Council Juried Invitational Exhibition

Tomorrow the third biennial Juried Invitational Exhibition presented by the Greenville Arts Council opens in Greenville, MS. Anyone in the delta area should drop by, it looks like it is going to be a great show. I was lucky enough to have two pieces accepted into the show, actually two photos that all of you have already seen. One is the dogwood piece and the picture of King's Store in Noxubee county. I am so excited and proud to be in this show. It is the first show I have been in since my BFA show in May 2005. There are 48 pieces in the exhibition and 31 artists. After I graduated from art school I was so disgusted by the entire experience that I took a little break from fine art work and exhibitioning. I was in several shows while in college and was acutally in this show previously before I graduated so I know it is a wonderful show put on by a great arts council. I wish I could go but it's two and a half hours away and I would have to leave work early to make it, so I'm going to wait and go pick up my pieces, if they don't sell, and look at the exhibition then. It will not be as good as being at the opening but oh well. If you're interested in the show or seeing who is exhibiting, have a look at their website:

Have a good evening my lovelies, I know I will the hubby will be home after four days on the road and we'll finally get to celebrate our two year anniversary which was Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello everyone! I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been so incredibly busy and exhausted after work that all I want to do when I get home in the afternoon is anything but look at the computer. I've been working in my little kitchen garden by the back door and I have pictures that need to be posted. I have also been sewing a little and absolutely devouring Natalie Chanin's book "Alabama Stitch Book."

*photo from*

I know everyone in the blogoverse has already talked about how great it is and that's how I found out about it myself, but I finally chunked down the money and bought my own copy and I am so glad I did. It's absolutely beautiful and I am so inspired I have been slowly gathering up the materials I need to make my first project. Hopefully I can trace and cut the pattern for the skirt tonight. I'm really excited about the entire process and hope it comes out well.
I promise tomorrow there will be another update and hopefully I can get back in the swing of updating again. I was doing okay there for a while and then just quit.
Oh, and today is my second wedding anniversary and my darling hubby sent me flowers at work. Isn't he sweet! It's a really pretty mixed bouquet and I love it. Sometimes I could just kill him and then there are times like today when he sends me flowers and I remember why I love him all over again. Hope everyone is having a great day! Later my darlings!