Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring fever!

Have mercy! The post I promised, remember? Well that’s just going to have to wait. I’ve been struck by Spring fever which means horse riding! Monday afternoon was spent feeding and just hanging out. I hardly went to the barn at all last week, my sciatic nerve was inflamed and my back hurt so bad I went to the doctor.

Now, those that know me know what a huge thing that is. For those that don’t well aside from my yearly physical I have to either be beaten, broken, or half dead to go to the doctor. I believe in sleep, aspirin, vitamins, herbs, and the occasional hot toddy. Those five things will see me through most things. But after three days of excruciating pain I tapped out and went to the doctor. An anti-inflammatory shot and an “arthritis medication” prescription later I was feeling a lot better. Yes, I am offically old enough to have “arthritis medication." I did go ahead and take care of myself and stayed away from the barn the rest of the week and went out there Monday for what felt like the first time in a month. Tuesday I rode Joker and Casino (and no I did not buy them for their names, they were bought a year apart and it was total coincidence) and it was wonderful. I had bought a new bit for my mare, Casino, and she worked pretty well in that and if I could just get her to stand up going around the second barrel all the time and not drop her shoulder I would be overjoyed. Joker, my dun gelding, just got a light workout and no barrel tuning. I’d love to take these two somewhere this weekend, but it looks like rain so we’ll just have to see. Hope your week has been going well.

Later my lovelies!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A quick test...

Just a quick test to see if I can post from my iPhone. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beautiful Thursday to you!

A beautiful Thursday to you my dears! Here is a lovely image from Alphone Mucha, "Poetry" for you. I have a real post all typed up, it just needs the pictures and when you leave your jump drive at home it's kind of hard to post them.
Later my lovelies!