Monday, March 30, 2009

It's time for some color!

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful Monday, and is enjoying some sunny weather. The weekend started out not so good with lots of rain Friday night, but turned off sunny and nice later on Saturday morning and Sunday was really nice. Went out and brushed the horses good, which ended in well groomed horses and a very dirty me. I had to come home and take a shower immediately; I was absolutely covered in hair.

Just a short post today, not a lot going on but I am here at work all by myself and need to be paying attention I suppose. I am going to lunch with Mom though, that's always fun!

On a quick sewing note I bought the Golden Hands Complete Book of Dressmaking off Amazon for a penny, shipping was three dollars for it but oh well. :) I've just gotten to glance through it here at work but it's fabulously 70's. I should post some pictures from it. Some of the stuff looks very much now, but some of it is very much all about the time the book was written in. Overall though I am very happy with it and can't wait to dive right in. Looks to be a lot of great tips in there as well as some patterns! You have to grade them up but I really like the basic dress pattern they have in there.

Happy Monday my lovelies!

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XUE said...

A penny for a book! That's amazing! I look forward to pics from your wonderful book. Errr...maybe bigger pics for my poor eyes?