Friday, May 1, 2009

Things I want....

I am feeling horrible. I mean HORRIBLE. I just want to go home curl up in bed with TCM and veg. I also want chocolate and massage. If I'm going to want stuff I might as well just go all out.

Other things I want:

*To go to the X-Men movie this weekend. Sadly I don't know who I can get to go with me. My husband is not a scifi fan and definitely does not get my obsession with all things "X." I mean come on its got Gambit in it! I don't know about the actor they've chosen but I'm willing to give the guy a chance. I was skeptical about a tall dancing Australian for the choice of Wolverine but Hugh Jackman has turned out to be a perfect Logan.
*Sew. I have three shirts cut out and a skirt. I want new clothes and me sewing them seems to be the easiest and least frustrating choice. Everything in the stores right now is a ruffled, poufy, ane more suited for a 12-year-old.
*Read. I rarely get the opportunity to just read anymore. I usually try to take a little time every day to read the book I've currently got going and boy do I miss those hour breaks between classes when I could just camp out in the sun and read or journal.
*Write. I have a journal with lots of inspiration images but very little writing. This needs to change.
*Ride. I want to go on a long trail ride. I mean a couple of hours long trail ride. I want to talk and ride with some other horse people and enjoy my horses and being outside.

Other things I need to do this weekend because I have to:

*Pictures. I have two sets of pictures left to go to get me completely caught up. A baby shower and a wedding anniversary. Those have got to be done as soon as possible.
*Cleaning. My nasty house needs to be cleaned. End of story. The end.
*Yard work. I have some plants and I want to get my container garden started for the year. I have got to get some soil from the horse pasture but aside from that I have a horrible bed that needs to be worked up and I'm dreading it. The shrubs need clipping, the grass needs cutting, etc., etc., etc.....I promise some better posts next week, but lately I just haven’t' had the will or the energy.

Have a good weekend my lovelies!

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designoc said...

Oooh Girl....I saw X-Men last weekend. Hugh Jackman is my new "boyfriend". You must see it!